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Saltstraumen and Saltenfjord are one of the best spots for deep sea boat fishing in Norway

Boat fishing
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You can be absolutely sure that we have the fishing tips about what fishing gear you need here. Saltstraumen Brygge (Saltstraumen fishing camp) has its own store with fishing equipment. You do not need to look for an online store, we have everything you need.

A place where the weather does not affect the fishing.

Compared to deep sea fishing in Lofoten or Ålesund, here at Saltstraumen Brygge we have the perfect place that doesn’t rely on the weather. Regardless of wind and weather conditions, there will always be an opportunity for you to get out to fish with us!

What kind of fish do you get in Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen is famous for its fish-rich waters
With us you can catch cod, pollock, Wolffish, Coalfish, halibut and haddock. 

Every year we get reports of personal bests and one of the biggest Halibut C&R in the world (245 cm)  is set here.

Boat fishing Norway

Saltstraumen area with fjords and island groups make this location a place that you must visit.
Our professional staff will take good care of you, and will do anything to make you feel welcome.

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Big cod boatfishing
Happy fisher with big cod onboard
Big cod
Happy cod fisher
4 happy Halibut fishers
4 happy fishermen showing the halibuts they cought
Big halibut
Happy man cought a big halibut
Nice halibut
Happy fisher with nice halibut