World class shore fishing

We know where to fish from shore and when the fish bite the best.

Shore fishing paradise
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Shore fishing

Sea fishing from shore is exciting and challenging.  Bait fishing from shore or "shore fishing" is popular and we will show you where you have the greatest chance of success.

Shore fishing around Saltstraumen 

Heavy duty spinning rod capable of casting up to 100g is what we recommend. Most fishing is done with weights up to 80 grams but when the current goes at the strongest you can use weights up to 120 grams.

It is important to have 250 to 300 meters of line so you do not lose the big fish.

Here you can fish Cod, Coalfish, Pollock, Lumb and Halibut. The halibut can be big so the gear you use must be strong.

Bait fishing Saltstraumen  

At Saltstraumen Brygge you have many fishing marks just a small walk from the camp, you can also fish just outside the apartments. We can help you getting bait like herring if you need. 

The big cod here feed on coalfish so you just fish the bait yourself with small lures.

Here's the point

You are fishing in one of the best sea fishing areas, Saltstraumen area. Many world records have been set here. World record at Coalfish from shore is set in Saltstraumen (22.7 kg). World record for cod from land is set in Saltstraumen 30.16 kg (coffee cod). Many halibut are taken here just under 50 kg.

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Paul Rogers big halibut
Paul Rogers with a nice Halibut
Steve Ace big pollock
Steve Ace big pollock at Saltstraumen Brygge
Big pollock
Happy fisher with big pollock
Big pollock shorefishing
Fisherman with big pollock cought from shore
Huge halibut winterfishing
Big game fisherman with huge halibut