Saltstraumen is created when the tide flows into and out of Skjerstadfjord. The height difference between sea level inside and outside of the narrow strait can be as much as one meter or three feet.

Stunning scenery

About Saltstraumen Norway 

Saltstraumen is called one of the Wild Wonders of Europe and is world famous for its maelstrom which is one of the world's strongest at a normal speed of 10-12 knots.

Saltstraumen’s depth is about 30 meters in the strait. Saltstraumen goes strongly around the full moon and new moon, and often 2 to 3 days thereafter.

We recommend driving by boat through the strait about 1 -2 hours after the current is the strongest.

A world attraction

During the season about 200 000 people visit Saltstraumen and it makes the area one of North's most visited tourist attractions.

One of the world's best fishing spots?

Saltstraumen fishing is a must to try, it is easy to catch a fish here.

The world's most powerful maelstrom

Check right now how the flow behaves, find out when Saltstraumen is the strongest, check tide table here:

Saltstraumen tidevannstabell

Want to know when Saltstraumen turns? Check:


Want a graph of tidal conditions? Check:


Wonderful housing during your visit

Check out moderne botilbud.

Shopping opportunities and city in the vicinity

Saltstraumen is located just outside Bodø, a town with over 50,000 residents and countless shopping opportunities, cultural facilities and transport options.

Other relevant information about Saltstraumen


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