Solid rental boats

Great boats that take you out to the large fish are one of many things we offer at Saltstraumen Brygge. We rent out boats all year round for tours in fjords or for long trips out to sea.

Our boats

About our Boats 

Saltstraumen Brygge has a total of 38 boats for rent.

31 pcs Gemi 20 feet with 80 HP.

6 pcs Gemi 21 feet with 100 HP.

All boats have Honda 4 strokes in the stern, also equipped with Chartplotter and Echosounder makes this a perfect fishing boat.

  • Garmin Plotter
  • Sonar
  • 10 pcs rod holders
  • 73-93 liter petrol tank

Safety at sea

We at Saltstraumen Brygge put safety very high. You will get a review of how Saltstraumen current is behaving and at what times it goes strongly. Our boats are perfect for these conditions.

New rules for boat drivers

New rules and regulations regarding boatmen were introduced in Norway from 1 May 2010. The boat drivers who drive boats more than eight meters long, or with engine power of 25 hp, shall be in possession of a valid boat license if born later than 1980. This rule does not apply to boat operators born before 1-01-1980.

Kurt Jeppesen
Saltstraumen Brygge boat
Boat for hire Saltstraumen
Kurt Jeppesen
Boats out in deep sea
21 feet with Hardtop and 100 HP
Boats are ready at Saltstraumen Brygge
Kurt Jeppesen
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