Do you want to break records?

If you like to catch big fish, then you cannot go wrong. Saltstraumen Brygge is right on target for record fish.

It`s time

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing with us means fjord, coastal and deep waters. Depending on what you are looking for and weather conditions, one can always find fishing opportunities here with us.

Big game fishing

This means mostly swordfish and southerly species. But we can promise you one thing, a 100 kilo halibut is going to be a struggle on both the equipment and body. Here you are in the halibut area.

Deep sea fishing tips

Deep sea fishing tips can be obtained from Saltstraumen Brygge. Since conditions are changing, our advice and tips to you will be given when you arrive at our destination (depending on what types of fish you are looking for).

Deep-sea equipment

We have the area's best shop for fishing equipment, rods, haspels, hooks and if there is anything you are missing you will find it with us! There is also deep sea fishing equipment you can rent.

Deep sea fishing for dummies :-)

Are you new to fishing? Relax we'll help you, you can even hire your own guide to show you how it's done.

Modern fishing location

Modern boats, sonar and map navigation equipment. Everything is set for you to find great fish and have fun!

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