White-tailed eagles

Sea fishing with white-tailed eagle safari and historical delights.

Sea Eagles

View Sea Eagles all Year round

Nordland has 35 % of all the white-tailed eagles in Norway and 20 % of the world population. You will not find a better guarantee for a meeting with this majestic bird of prey. Here you can catch the eagle’s eye all year round.

Bodø - the City of the Sea Eagle

With a vigilant eye, often sitting on a small mound, like “King of the Hill”. This is the ruler of all birds, sailing on outstretched wings high up above. The sea eagle is a magnificent sight.  The city boasts the country’s densest stock of white-tailed eagles, and the world’s only Sea Eagle Club. Its mission is to protect the sea eagles and provide information about them.

Read more about sea eagles at www.havornklubben.no and become a member.

Read more about the City of Sea Eagles at www.visitbodo.com.

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